IEGM Basketball


Integrity/ Equality/ Generosity/ Motivate

Integrity – We embrace a family of having moral principles. We not only teach this way, but we train this way and make it an important element in our culture.

Equality – Everyone is and should always be treated equally. Not just in the game of basketball, but life. We do our best to imprint this naturally in our community.

Generosity – We will teach our student athletes to ability to be selfless. We believe selflessness is a core Christian principle in life and we try our best to provide support back into our community in every way we can.

Motivate – We try to inspire, stimulate, and encourage athletes to set their personal goals. We believe this is the best way we can service them. We want to aid what motivates them. We implement step by step improvements, so they can keep creating higher limits for themselves.

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